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4851 This census lists her as only 4 years old. DAVIS, Fanny Ella (I4071)
4852 This census lists Zora Stegall and head of household and lists only two children, Jack age 15 and Betsy Ross, age 7. Zora is listed as married. EVILIN, Zora C. (I12706)
4853 This census put his age at 60. Family F2843
4854 This census says he was 14. CHAMPION, Lester (I12474)
4855 This citation is somewhat speculative since the surname was spelled "Wadkey", but his age, the list of his children, and the fact that he was listed just before his father and mother (as they were in the 1850 census), makes it reasonable that this Joseph and Mary E. Wadkey were, in fact, Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Watkins. Family F1114
4856 This date and place of marriage is based on the age of their elder child who was born about 1842 in Louisiana which is also the state in which Mary was born. Family F1329
4857 This date appears to be incorrect, if, indeed, Marion was married to a person named Rachel in 1860 as the Census reports. Family F2404
4858 This disagrees with the 1930 census which would make him born in 1892. ADAMSON, Herman Judge (I9720)
4859 This does not seem accurate as she was shown to be 5 months old in the 1870 census. PICKLE, Sarener Lavina (I754)
4860 This fact is quite "shaky." A person listed as Emma Solmis was living next to Emma's daughter, Selma Solms Rebb. Facts about her are wrong: her age, her place of birth and that of her parents. She is listed as having two grandchildren living with her. If one of them provided the information, then it might explain the misinformation. PFEFFER, Emma Rheinhart (I3244)
4861 This family is listed just before that of Aaron Broyles. There is one male and one female between fifty and sixty (Grief-55) and (Jemima-51). Also listed were a female between twenty and thirty, a male between twenty and thirty, a male between fifteen and twenty, a male between ten and fifteen, and two males between five and ten. One of these was probably Ozey R. Horton and the other, C.E. Horton. HORTON, Ozey Roscoe (I3687)
4862 This family is listed just before that of Aaron Broyles. There is one male and one female between fifty and sixty (Grief-55) and (Jemima-51). Also listed were a female between twenty and thirty, a male between twenty and thirty, a male between fifteen and twenty, a male between ten and fifteen, and two males between five and ten. One of these was probably Ozey R. Horton and the other, C.E. Horton. HORTON, Charles Elijah (I3688)
4863 This is a document taken from a leather bound notebook in which James Marion Pickell, grandson of William Pickel and Elizabeth Wilson compiled information he gathered from information provided by his parents and other family members. Source (S453)
4864 This is a guess based on the fact that in 1910, Houston had another wife with whom he had been married for four years. UNKNOWN, Emma R. (I5052)
4865 This is actually the day the bond was posted. Family F3422
4866 This is an assumption since she was not listed with the family in the 1870 Census. UNKNOWN, Lydia A (I5047)
4867 This is an estimate based on the 1910 Census which shows Eli Terry married to a new wife whom he married about 1904. INGRAM, Pinine (I6094)
4868 This is an estimate given that her last child, McGruder Manning, was born in 1862. ELLIS, Elizabeth (I10201)
4869 This is based solely upon the 1860 census and may not be accurate. WILSON, Hugh (I8084)
4870 This is conjecture based on the fact that no wife was mentioned in Adam Broyles' will that was written 9 April 1782. WILHOIT, Mary (I3550)
4871 This is conjecture based on the little information given in the 1840 Census. PHILLIPS, Wiley Gabriel (I8949)
4872 This is his name as recorded on his wife's Find-a-Grave memorial SUGG, Theophilus William (I9216)
4873 This is not a strong proof, but there could not have been that many Richard Mannings in Gates County, North Carolina marrying in 1851. Family F2950
4874 This is simply a guess based on the existence of a female, S. O. Clopton, who was born in Louisiana about 1856. Perhaps her mother died as a result of complications due to this child's birth. MCLIN, Mary Elizabeth (I5028)
4875 This is simply an estimate -- yet to be confirmed. MOORE, John Washington (I11242)
4876 This is simply based on supposition. Carry Holland, the daughter of Thomas and Laura Holland was living with her grandparent in 1880 suggesting that something happened to her parents before that time. CALAHAN, Laura Caroline (I895)
4877 This is the birthdate on both his draft registration, 1900 Census and on his grave stone. COLLEY, Paul Sims (I8488)
4878 This is the birthplace found on his death certificate. SWEENEY, Dr. James Shirley (I11384)
4879 This is the lady who wrote The Broyles, Lafitte and Boyd Relatives and Ancestors of Montague Laffitte Boyd.
BOYD, Lucy Titania (I3450)
4880 This is the son (and only child) born to Benjamin Richardson and his first wife, Mary Evans, of Newberry SC.

Robert was born 1823 and his mother either died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. She (and her brother Isaac) are buried in the McCarson Cemetery in Henderson Co. NC. Robert would have inherited great wealth when he reached majority. He was awarded his mother's share of her father's estate and that of an unmarried uncle while still an infant with Ben Richardson, his father, as guardian.

Dana Meara 
RICHARDSON, Robert Evans (I1347)
4881 This man enlisted under Capt. John F. Doan in Tishimingo County, Mississippi, February 1, 1863. The company was assigned to duty as 2nd "D" of Roddey's 4th Alabama Cavalry Regiment. A year later officers and men transferred to Company B of Williams' Alabama Cavalry Battalion, which later became Company B, Burtwell's 11th Alabama Cavalry Regiment. Harp's records are filed with the 11th Alabama Cavalry. HARP, James D. (I5479)
4882 This may be the right family. After all, how many Ben and Elvira Broyles would have been living in Anderson County, Texas at the time. However, his age was off by a couple of years and his name was listed as Ben B. Broyles. Family F1151
4883 This might not be the correct person; however, in his mother's Social Security death record, it showed the last place she collected social security benefits was Albuquerque, which suggests that she lived there toward the time of her death in 1977. BROWN, Hoyt P. (I4279)
4884 This MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be correct. There is an Arvil J. Payne listed whose birth was 9 Jul 1907 and whose death, 16 Nov 1994. PAYNE, Amuel J. (I7357)
4885 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WATKINS, Jessie B (I6027)
4886 This probably was her maiden name since there was a Madison Richardson who was listed as a brother-in-law to James Parmer in the 1880 Census. RICHARDSON, Valeria Tamplet (I4952)
4887 This record gives his birth as Jun 19 1911. This was his second marriage and her fourth. Family F3551
4888 This record is inserted to recognize that in 1900 James Carroll Ballard was listed as a widower in the census, and now, 1910, he is said to be in his second marriage. UNKNOWN, Unknown (I2680)
4889 This record says his birthdate was 23 Aug. 1925. His SSN was 450289896. VALLONE, Frank Joseph Sr. (I12914)
4890 This record seems bogus if, indeed, Lydia died in 1849. It would also explain why her two children were living with her parents on 17 September, 1850. Family F2949
4891 This seems difficult to accept. His is listed as Bobby H. Brown, and she is listed as Ruby G. Brown. But they weren't married until 1956. The strange thing is the letter G listed for Ruby. BROWN, Bobby Holland (I850)
4892 This seems to be a mistake. George Henry who would have been about the same age was not listed, and this person never shows up again. BROWN, Augustus L (I4666)
4893 This site shows his death date as his birthdate. BALLARD, Carroll Thomas Ratliff (I2674)
4894 This source is dubious, but his death at this time would explain why he is not found in the 1850 census. BROYLES, John Milton (I252)
4895 This source says that Richard Taylor Moore's second wife was MRS. Eliza Jane Gaskill Keen GASKILL, James (I9857)
4896 This twin of Sarah Emerline Watkins died at birth. WATKINS, Unknown (I5576)
4897 This was a one year enlistment. He was divorced with no dependents. EMSWILER, Thomas Quest (I11607)
4898 This was David's second marriage. Family F1552
4899 This was his second marriage and her first. Family F1630
4900 This was Mary's second marriage. Family F1711

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