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Female - Yes, date unknown

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 Richard INGRAM Male
 Eliza INGRAM Female
 Mary Robbins INGRAM Female
 James INGRAM Male
 Catherine HAWTHORN Female
 Hugh INGRAM Male
 William INGRAM Male
 James INGRAM Male
 David INGRAM Male
 Mary Naomi INGRAM Female
 Onslow Merle AIRHEART Male
 William A. INGRAM Male
 George Washington INGRAM Male
 Jack Ramsey SMITH Male
 Claude Eli SMITH Male
 Sarah Maudine SMITH Female
 Nora Olive SMITH Female
 Sarah Lenora RAMSEY Female
 W. C. SMITH Male
 Mary Lee RAMSEY Female
 James Creighton RAMSEY Male
 Eulalia Varvarra TEAL Female
 James David RAMSEY Male
 Flocia Jane HARRIS Female
 Mary Naomi RAMSEY Female
 Sarah C. INGRAM Female
 John Harrison RAMSEY Male
 Anderson INGRAM Male
 Sarah SMITH Female
 James H. DAVIDSON Male
 Emma E. DAVIDSON Female
 Owen W. THOMASON Male
New chart
 David DAVIDSON Male
 Alexis DAVIDSON Female
 Cyrus DAVIDSON Male
 Mary SALTER Female
 Frances Antoinnette America DAVIDSON Female
 Alexander Harrison DISMUKE Male
 William David DAVIDSON Male
 Mary Alice GRIMES Female
New chart
 Florence Annette DAVIDSON Female
 John Philemon GRIMES Male
New chart
 Walter Alexander DAVIDSON Male
 Beulah BROWN Female
 Benjamin Myles DAVIDSON Male
 Annie Lee JOHNS Female
 Edgar Cyrus DAVIDSON Male
 Elmore SIMS Female
 Blanche DAVIDSON Female
 Rev. William D. MCGREGOR Male
New chart
 Maude Virginia DAVIDSON Female
 Joel Patrick PERRY Male
 Cyrus Monroe DAVIDSON Male
 Ann Virginia DISMUKE Female
 Dr. William Thaddeus MCREE Male
 Addie HILL Female
New chart
 Willard Edwin MCREE Male
 Pearl HILL Female
New chart
 Grover Cleveland MCREE Male
 Dola CALHOUN Female
New chart
 Hilda Alice MCREE Female
 Walter Allen STEPHENS Male
 Nancy Texas DAVIDSON Female
 James Edwin MCREE Male
 Lela DAVIDSON Female
 Benjamin Terry DISMUKE Male
 Bascomb HILL Male
 Harry HILL Male
 Robert G. HILL Male
 Lucille M UNKNOWN Female
 Lola HILL Female
 Ann DAVIDSON Female
 Benjamin L. HILL Male
 David W. DAVIDSON Male
 Narcissa MOORE Female
 Ann Elizabeth DAVIDSON Female
 Unknown STALLINGS Male
 Joseph W. DAVIDSON Male
 James DISMUKE Male
 Martha DAVIDSON Female
 James W. DISMUKE Male
 Ellena DAVIDSON Female
 Drewry Monroe DAVIDSON Male
 Mattie MOSS Female
 Frances DAVIDSON Female
 Thomas G. SHELTON Male
 Clifford SHELTON Male
 Alice DAVIDSON Female
 Thomas SHELTON Male
 Sarah DAVIDSON Female
 Gertrude KENYON Female
 Leona Valerie DAVIDSON Female
 Amos H. KENYON Male
 Drewry May DAVIDSON Male
 Mary Elizabeth MOORE Female
 Carrie Lelia CARSWELL Female
 James C EVERETT Male
New chart
 Dewitt Clinton CARSWELL Male
 C. W. CARSWELL Female
 Caroline Julia Matilda SEARS Female
 Dr. Beniah S. CARSWELL Male
 Henry Anderson SEARS Male
 Winnie SEARS Female
 Andrew Walthuer SEARS Male
 Lula OWEN Female
 Lela Evelyn SEARS Female
 Dewitt Clinton SEARS Male
 Winnifred DAVIDSON Female
 Eli SEARS Male
 Margaret INGRAM Female
 Joseph M. DAVIDSON Male
 William I. KERR Male
 Mattie UNKNOWN Female
 Nadine KERR Female
 Hugh R. KERR Male
 Mary L UNKNOWN Female
 Nancy KERR Female
 Mary A. "Polly" INGRAM Female
 David Green KERR Male
 Hugh KERR Male
 Middleton Calvin CASTON Male
 Mattie UNKNOWN Female
 Mabel L. CASTON Female
 Texana KERR Female
 William CASTON Male
 John Jacob MCCLELLAN Male
 Lila Aurora MCCLELLAN Female
 Heverington Eugene WASSELL Male
New chart
 Robert Prince MCCLELLAN Male
 John Kerr MCCLELLAN Male
 Thessa UNKNOWN Female
 Lila Gertrude KERR Female
 John Jacob MCCLELLAN Male
 Sarah Ann INGRAM Female
 Calvin Pratt KERR Male
 Ann Eliza INGRAM Female
 James INGRAM Male
 William Lawrence MCGILL Male
 James William MCGILL Male
 Neita UNKNOWN Female
 Hugh Harrison MCGILL, Jr. Male
 Mary W. UNKNOWN Female
 Marlan MCGILL Female
 Hugh Harrison MCGILL Male
 Ruth UNKNOWN Female
 Missouri E. INGRAM Female
 Richmond INGRAM Male
 Texana INGRAM Female
 Hugh INGRAM Male
 Nancy RAMSEY Female
 David INGRAM, Jr. Male
 Annie S. KAIGLER Female
 William David KAIGLER Male
 Ida KAIGLER Female
 William M. BOLTON Male
 Clementine Texas INGRAM Female
 David Saylor KAIGLER Male
 Annie BALLARD Female
 James Carroll BALLARD Male
 Unknown UNKNOWN Female
 Lavern BALLARD Female
 James M BALLARD Male
 Annie UNKNOWN Female
 Evie BALLARD Female
 Texia Ingram BALLARD Female
 Carroll Thomas Ratliff BALLARD Male
 Matthew C. INGRAM Male
 William Holman INGRAM, Jr. Male
 Nellie INGRAM Female
 William Holman INGRAM Male
 Ethel COWLES Female
 Matthew G. INGRAM Male
 Jack H. WOOD Male
 Preston WOOD Male
 Alvin WOOD Male
 Amanda Holman INGRAM Female
 William Price WOOD Male
 James Melville Poindexter INGRAM Male
 Nan WOOD Female
 James Melville INGRAM, Jr. Male
 Mary Nancy PAYNE Female
 Annie HAZLE Female
 Leonidas Cartwright INGRAM, Jr. Male
 Almeta DOVER Female
New chart
 Temple? B. INGRAM Male
 Mary E INGRAM Female
 Emma W. INGRAM Female
 Leonidas Cartwright INGRAM Male
 Myrtle BRYN Female
 Sidney Bryan INGRAM Male
 James Melville INGRAM Male
 Mary Crutchfield CARTWRIGHT Female
 Mary E. INGRAM Female
 Dr. Healey MCDUFFEY Male
 William A HENDRICK Male
 Martin D HENDRICK Male
 Gustavus HENDRICK, Jr. Male
 Ludie HENDRICK Female
 Annie G. HENDRICK Female
 James I. HENDRICK Male
 Geneva S. ROBERT Female
 Mary HENDRICK Female
 Jonathan Obie HENDRICK Male
 Ann Gertrude INGRAM Female
 Gustavus HENDRICK Male
 Amanda H. CARTWRIGHT Female
 Eugene WILSON Male
 Annie B. CARTWRIGHT Female
 Joseph J. MCCLURKIN Male
 Leonidas CARTWRIGHT Male
 Columbus W. CARTWRIGHT Male
 Leonidas CARTWRIGHT Male
 Jane R. UNKNOWN Female
 Matthew CARTWRIGHT Male
 James Ingram CARTWRIGHT, Jr. Male
 James Ingram CARTWRIGHT Male
 Eugenia POLK Female
 Columbus William CARTWRIGHT Male
 Grace C. UNKNOWN Female
 Eleanor BRITTAIN Female
 Thomas Manley BRITTAIN, Jr. Male
 Ludie CARTWRIGHT Female
 Thomas Manley BRITTAIN Male
 Mary Lillian CARTWRIGHT Female
 Grover Cleveland CARTWRIGHT Male
 Laura Thelma CUNNINGHAM Female
 Velma CARTWRIGHT Female
 Dr. William Allen GILMORE Male
 Lucella INGRAM Female
 Leonidas CARTWRIGHT Male
 Capt. William INGRAM Male
 Ann BRYAN Female
 David INGRAM, Sr. Male
 Mary UNKNOWN Female
 Roscoe MCCONNICO Male
 Helen Dean SHERRILL Female
New chart
 Melvin Leroy MCCONNICO Male
 Hester MCCONNICO Female
 Erma Katura MCCONNICO Female
 S. Relda WOODSON Male
 Sybil Evangeline MCCONNICO Female
 Horace James NEWSOM Male
New chart
 James Washington MCCONNICO Male
 Addie Ophelia CALLAWAY Female
 Ruby Avanell MCCONNICO Female
 Jimmy Ruth MCCONNICO Female
 Ruby PHELPS Female
 Carl Bryon CALLAWAY Male
 Katherine Gano MCLAURIN Female
New chart
 Ida Missie MCCONNICO Female
 Leroy R. CALLAWAY Male
 Doris C. ANDERSON Female
 Eva Vista ANDERSON Female
 Ren Princeton WALKER Male
 William Harvey ANDERSON, Jr. Male
 Laura Lee KIRK Female
New chart
 Jesse Helvetia MCCONNICO Female
 William Harvey ANDERSON, Sr. Male
 Ollie Dee MULLENS Male
 Bama BANKS Female
 Sybil Elizabeth MULLENS Female
 Charles Albert BERRY Male
New chart
 George Speed ARNETT Male
 Mary Nell MULLENS Female
 Middleton Grant WESTBROOK Male
New chart
 Cora Mozell MCCONNICO Female
 John Franklin MULLENS Male
 Sarah Elizabeth MCCONNICO Female
 Hunter HARDEMAN Male
 Sybil Antoinette INGRAM Female
 Charles Timothy MCCONNICO Male
 Helvetia G. INGRAM Female
 George B. WALKER Male
 John Edmund MCCLUNG, Jr. Male
 Gerald O. MCCLUNG Male
 Elizabeth PARK Female
 Estelle MCCLUNG Female
 Jewel E. WHITE Female
 Dr. John Edmund MCCLUNG Male
 Idyl Opal WHITE Female
 Treasure Genevieve WHITE Female
 William David WHITE Female
 Ida Bertha INGRAM Female
 Thomas Cyril WHITE Male
 Therell Anthony BARTLETT Male
 Thelma Lillian GARRETT Female
New chart
 (infant son) BARTLETT Male
 Theora Willie BARTLETT Female
 John Ray GUINN, Jr. Male
New chart
 Thelma Artie BARTLETT Female
 Theressa Artie BARTLETT Female
 Boyd Felix SHARP Male
New chart
 Theretta Lena BARTLETT Female
 Robert Hugh PICKEL, Jr. Male
New chart
 Therma Missie BARTLETT Female
 Roy Donald PARNELL Male
 Willie Erasmus BROYLES Female
 Thomas Anthony BARTLETT Male
 Artie Theresa BROYLES Female
 Fay Evaline BROYLES Female
 James Walter PARKS Male
New chart
 Edward Earl BROYLES Male
 Mildred May ESCHBERGER Female
New chart
 Mary Frances BROYLES Female
 Thomas Quest EMSWILER Male
 Weldon L. BARNETT Male
 Dorris Ruth BROYLES Female
New chart
 Earl Augusta BROYLES Male
 Sarah Lucretia FAULK Female
 Opal Vesta BROYLES Female
 John Louis MILES Male
 Edna Vanice BROYLES Female
 Richard Earl OSTER Male
New chart
 Jesse JAMES Male
 Roby Ingram BROYLES Male
 Edna Alma CUNNINGHAM Female
 Artie Missy INGRAM Female
 Erasmus R. BROYLES Male
 William David INGRAM Male
 Mabel SHIRLEY Female
 Anderson A. INGRAM Male
 Sarah A. CLEMENTS Female
 Ray R. COATES Male
 Woodrow Royce MASSEY Male
 Dorethea Elizabeth LUECK Female
New chart
 Lilla May COATES Female
 John McCreary MASSEY, Jr. Male
 William Whitt ORR Male
 Marilyn Rowe COATES Female
 Billie Bob TEKELL Male
New chart
 Clyff Ingram COATES, Jr. Male
 Robert Sam COATES Male
 Clyff Ingram COATES Male
 Allie Rhea ROWE Female
 Mary Blanche INGRAM Female
 Robert Pollard COATES Male
 Bruce Columbus COATES Male
 Clara Almeda MCSWEEN Female
New chart
 Theora Agnes COATES Female
 Lynn Henderson BAKER Male
New chart
 Anderson Bruce COATES Male
 Maggie Bell HOWELL Female
 George Coates COLLINS Male
 Helen CRAVENS Female
 Lena Deane COLLINS Female
 Clifton Henry WHITE Male
New chart
 Milvid Theressa COLLINS Female
 Almond Lawrence WILCOX Male
New chart
 Kenneth Irwin "Buddy" COLLINS Male
 Alice Virgie THOMAS Female
New chart
 Lena Theressa COATES Female
 George Newton COLLINS Male
 Clifton RAMPEY Male
 Hortense RAMPIE Female
 Lonnie Albert RAMPEY Male
 Raycene COATES Female
 James Graham WYLY Male
New chart
 Gypsy Glo COATES Female
 Tandy Brown BELEW, Jr. Male
New chart
 Howard Burton COATES Male
 Billie Ruth ARNOLD Female
New chart
 Donovan Robert COATES Male
 Vera PRESTON Female
 Gladys ROBINSON Female
 Ray Ingram COATES Male
 Dulcena Matilda MCHENRY Female
 Freddie E. COATES Male
 Dr. Ivan Terry SANDERS Male
 Jurahee BUTLER Female
New chart
 Richard Morgan SANDERS Male
 Wanda Ann WESTBROOK Female
New chart
 Bessie Agnes COATES Female
 Gurley Houlcotte SANDERS Male
 Sarah Theressa INGRAM Female
 Bruce Burton COATES Male
 Washington Ezekiel INGRAM Male
 Sarah Elizabeth BROWN Female
 William Russell MABRY Male
 Hazel Dell INGRAM Female
 Russell Dare MABRY Male
 Annelle POSTON Female
 Paul Furman JONES Male
New chart
 Mabel Clair INGRAM Female
 Leon Clyde POSTON Male
 Betty Jean BRADLEY Female
 Henry Charles JACKSON Male
New chart
 John Kestler BRADLEY Male
 Bettye Joyce COPELAND Female
New chart
 Robert Ingram BRADLEY Male
 Beverly Carrol BENTON Female
New chart
 Mary Pearl INGRAM Female
 John Kestler BRADLEY Male
 Bailey Bryant RATCLIFF, Jr. Male
 Diane HOWE Female
New chart
 Susan D. FISCHER Female
 Carol W. NUNNALLY Female
 Linda Pearle RATCLIFF Female
 Annie C. INGRAM Female
 Bailey Bryant RATCLIFF, Sr. Male
 Walker Kenneth INGRAM Male
 Bonnie Lee MAY Female
New chart
 Janie Lu INGRAM Female
 James Michael EVERHEART Male
New chart
 Walker Pitmon INGRAM Male
 Maggie Alice NORRIS Female
 Washington Clements INGRAM Male
 Eliza Pearle NOBLE Female
 Mary Elvira CLEMENTS Female
 Richmond INGRAM Male
 Margaret FOUNTAIN Female
 Agnes INGRAM Female
 Jean INGRAM Female
 Edmond INGRAM Male
 John Spires INGRAM Male
 William INGRAM Male
 Josiah INGRAM Male
 William INGRAM Male
 Mary SPIRES Female
 William INGRAM Male
 Eleanor INGRAM Female
 David INGRAM Male
 Margaret FOUNTAIN Female
 John INGRAM, III Male
 Phoebe INGRAM Female
 Mary INGRAM Female
 Jane INGRAM Female
 Nancy INGRAM Female
 Rebeckah INGRAM Female
 Elizabeth A INGRAM Female
 Abceneth or Synthe INGRAM Female
 Sarah INGRAM Female
 Moriah INGRAM Female
 Saphian INGRAM Female
 John INGRAM, Jr. Male
 Eleanor FOUNTAIN Female
 James INGRAM Male
 Elizabeth LITTLE Female
 Mary TRIPP Female
 Mary UNKNOWN Female
 John INGRAM, Sr. Male

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