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William PICKEL

Male 1776 - 1866  (89 years)

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Amanda E. PICKEL Female
John H PICKEL Male
James Samuel PICKEL Male
William Jacob PICKEL Male
Lida R. DOUTHIT Female
Thomas Norton DAVIDSON Male
Rosabelle MURPHREE Female
Nellie Catherine DAVIDSON Female
Martha Elizabeth PICKEL Female
Thomas Noah Greene DAVIDSON Male
Lois E. PICKEL Female
Nick HORDE Male
Catherine M. PICKEL Female
Clarence Arthur PICKEL Male
Lillie E. CURTIS Female
Martha Elizabeth PICKEL Female
Herbert Bailey GUERRY Male
New chart
Margaret Ellen PICKEL Female
Joseph Lee DAVIS Male
New chart
William Wayne PICKEL, Jr. Male
Margaret Ann VAUGHAN Female
New chart
Obie Samuel PICKEL Male
Carol ENTREKIN Female
New chart
Sarah Frances PICKEL Female
Earl Russell POWELL Male
New chart
Walter Earl PICKEL Male
Mary Jean BARRINGTON Female
New chart
Donald Bruce PICKEL Male
Mary Jo MARTIN Female
New chart
William Wayne PICKEL Male
Nora Belle SKELTON Female
Doyle William KELLY Male
Maxine PUMPFORD Female
Doris Ethel KELLY Female
Robert Samuel JOHNSTON Male
New chart
Ethel Nina PICKEL Female
William Franklin KELLY Male
Jacob Arthur PICKEL Male
Florence Elizabeth WELBORN Female
Catherine Martha CRAIG Female
Sarah J PICKEL Female
Nancy J. PICKEL Female
Caroline F PICKEL Female
Theresa Mariah PICKEL Female
Martha A PICKEL Female
Henrietta A. PICKEL Male
Jacob PICKEL Male
Martha F. PEGG Female
John A CASON Male
Unknown CASON Female
Ollie T. CASON Female
Ernest E. CASON Male
Catherine CASON Female
William CASON Male
Hampton A. CASON Male
Myrtle UNKNOWN Female
Cynthia J. CASON Female
Birdie E. CASON Female
Gradie CASON Female
Ansel B CASON Male
Ettie CASON Female
John W. CASON Male
Sallie C UNKNOWN Female
Cynthia Jane CASON Female
John Thomas WIGINGTON Female
Mary CASON Female
Beulah CASON Female
William James Austin CASON Male
Sallie C UNKNOWN Female
William Austin CASON Male
Nancy Elizabeth PERRY Female
James H. CASON Male
Esther PICKEL Female
William Miller CASON Male
Benjamin Franklin TURNER Male
John C TURNER Male
Sarah E COBB Female
Benjamin Franklin Perry TURNER Male
Lawrence P POOL Male
Jane PICKEL Female
Franklin COBB Male
Annie E. CASON Female
William Miles CASON Male
Donald Samuel CASON Male
Blanche Omega ALEXANDER Female
John Hampton CASON Male
Lillie ELLISON Female
Mary Louise CASON Female
Elbert Ezekiel CASON Male
Emma Jane CASON Female
William Franklin CASON Male
Benjamin Crawford CASON Male
Eliza A UNKNOWN Female
Marion M. CASON Male
Sarah Anna CASON Female
William G. CASON Male
Sarah C MURPHEY Female
John Theodore CASON Male
Mattie Mary MULLIKIN Female
Narcissa E. CASON Female
Theresa PICKEL Female
James Anderson CASON Male
Louisa PICKELL Female
Jamie WILSON Female
Wendene WILSON Female
Roberne WILSON Female
William J. FORAN Male
New chart
Robert W WILSON Male
Robert WILSON Male
Viola WILSON Female
Lois WILSON Female
William Douglas WILSON Male
John Hugh WILSON, Jr. Male
Henry Mahon WILSON Male
Lady May? WILSON Female
Dr. John Hugh WILSON Male
Mary Douglas MAHON Female
Raymond Douglas LONG Male
Emma Jane HART Female
George Raymond LONG Male
Etta Bernard HART Female
Frank Payne SMITHEY Male
Rubie Broadus WILSON Female
Bernard Bertram HART Male
Laetta Graves WILSON Female
Henry Sproles WILSON Male
William Pickle WILSON Male
Mary Ora Lee WILSON Female
John A. WILSON Male
Carolyn WILSON Female
James Robert WILSON Male
Myrtle LOCKETT Female
Lucy Marion WILSON Female
Anna Belle WILSON Female
Mary Jane Olivia PICKELL Female
James Robert WILSON Male
Savilla Ann PICKELL Female
John W. PROVINE, Jr. Male
Marion PROVINE Female
Henry S. PROVINE Male
Mary P. SPROLES Female
John W. PROVINE Male
Marion Olive SPROLES Female
Henry Franklin SPROLES, Jr. Male
James Arthur SPROLES, Je. Male
James Arthur SPROLES Male
Lyda H. UNKNOWN Female
Rebecca Amanda PICKELL Female
Rev. Henry Franklin SPROLES, Sr. Male
Lillian Ashley PICKELL Female
William PICKEL Male
Thomas PICKEL Male
Florine PICKEL Female
Frank PICKEL Male
Henrietta PICKEL Female
Muriel PICKEL Female
Edward PICKEL Male
William Rufus PICKELL Male
Anne L FAULKNER Female
Herbert G. PENN Male
Alice UNKNOWN Female
Daisy PICKELL Female
Kleber PENN Male
Olivia PICKELL Female
Marian KEMP Female
Mary PICKELL Female
Unknown KEMP Male
Elbert Jacob PICKELL Male
Savannah Elizabeth OUZTS Female
Mattie A. UNKNOWN Female
William Crawford PICKELL Male
Virginia B. PICKELL Female
Alexander Holladay PICKELL Male
Julia Calvert PICKELL Female
Marion Cabell PICKELL Female
Charles Randolph PICKELL Male
Elizabeth Randolph PICKELL Female
Daniel Aron SHAYE Male
Randolph Pelham PICKELL, Jr. Male
Randolph Pelham PICKELL Male
Elizabeth Hunter WEST Female
James Marion PICKELL, Jr. Male
Mary UNKNOWN Female
Warner Lewis PICKELL Male
James Marion PICKELL, PhD Male
Julia Cabell HOLLADAY Female
Thomas Guin PICKELL Male
Dr. Frank Welborn PICKELL, Jr. Male
Sarah S UNKNOWN Female
Elbert Jefferson PICKELL Male
Ona Aloline MACQUEEN Female
Thomas D. PICKELL, Jr. Male
Laura Kay WONDERLICH Female
Charles Wayne BOELKES Male
New chart
New chart
Amy Lynn WONDERLICH Female
Tim CARR Male
New chart
Sara Louise PICKELL Female
Roger S. ROBINETT Male
Thomas D. PICKELL, Sr. Male
Unknown UNKNOWN Female
Marion W. PICKELL Male
Allie D. PICKELL Female
William P CHISHOLM Male
Franklin Welborn PICKELL Male
Allie Bush DEUPREE Female
Mary PICKELL Female
Benjamin T ANDERSON, Jr. Male
Lorena PICKELL Female
Benjamin T ANDERSON, Sr. Male
James ANDERSON, Jr. Male
June ANDERSON Female
Unknown ELLISON Male
Frances PICKELL Female
James ANDERSON, Sr. Male
Annie PICKELL Female
David Preston KEATHLEY Male
Cynthia HOUSE Female
New chart
New chart
MaryEllen KEATHLEY Female
Johnny Eugene HUDGENS Male
New chart
Dolly Preston ADAMS Female
Needham Bryant KEATHLEY Male
Nuella Douglas PICKELL Female
Preston Woodside ADAMS Male
Heyward PICKELL Male
Patricia PICKELL Female
Unknown BRUNS Male
Joanna PICKELL Female
Unknown GLENN Male
Walter Leland PICKELL, Jr. Male
Miriam WEBB Female
Walter Leland PICKELL, Sr. Male
Belle Douglas MAHON Female
James Elbert PICKELL Male
Mary Jane WELBORN Female
Elizabeth M. SWEENEY Female
Ray Albert THOMAS Male
James Harold WARE Male
Bess Jarrell PETTY Female
New chart
Lillian M. SWEENEY Female
George Patrick WARE, Sr. Male
Wallace Reynolds CONDICT, Jr. Male
Mamie L. SWEENEY Female
Thomas Paul SWEENEY Male
James Shirley SWEENEY, Jr. Male
Alta Arlene MILLER Female
New chart
David McFadin SWEENEY Male
Beverly Mary Ruth FORSYTH Female
New chart
Dr. James Shirley SWEENEY Male
Ruth Young MCFADIN Female
Lena May WILLIAMS Female
James Benjamin SWEENEY Male
Myrtle WILLIAMS Female
James Wesley MURPHY Male
Eloise WILLIAMS Female
Claude Richey WILLIAMS Male
Paul Wallace WILLIAMS Male
Herbert Crawford WILLIAMS Male
Crawford Herbert WILLIAMS Male
Mary Clara RICHEY Female
Ralph Stanton WILLIAMS Male
Paul Holland WILLIAMS Male
Ida Frances WILLIAMS Female
Billy Ralph WILLIAMS Male
Clifton G. WILLIAMS Male
Laverne Beula HERRINGTON Female
Leta Louise STOVALL Female
John Stanley CARROLL, III Male
Karen Lula CARROLL Female
Evelyn Elizabeth WILLIAMS Female
John Stanley CARROLL, Jr. Male
Chesley Graham WILLIAMS Male
Cora Pickle HOLLAND Female
Charity Elizabeth WILLIAMS Female
Charity Una WILLIAMS Female
Arthur Jack WYLIE Male
Anna Blanche WILLIAMS Female
Arthur Jack WYLIE Male
Paul Max WILLIAMS Male
Henrietta Belle SPENCER Female
Fannin HODGES Male
Ralph Williams MASSENGALE Male
Mariema Emma THWEATT Female
Harold JONES Male
Marvin Odell MASSENGALE Male
Birdie Una MASSENGALE Female
Paul Alford MASSENGALE Male
Wilma Frances JENNINGS Female
Ada Valentine WILLIAMS Female
Alford Lee MASSENGALE Male
Elizabeth Ann PICKLE Female
Dr. Paul Elisha Alexander WILLIAMS Male
Crawford P. WILLIAMS Male
Chesley MURPHEY Male
Fannie MURPHEY Female
Alpha MURPHEY Female
Carrie M. E. WILLIAMS Female
Will A. MURPHEY Male
Dennis WILLIAMS Male
Nellie L. WILLIAMS Female
Ruth WILLIAMS Female
Nichols Sault WILLIAMS Male
Ivanna S. WILLIAMS Female
Carrie B WILLIAMS Female
Geneva WILLIAMS Female
B. F. Carl WILLIAMS Male
Sudie UNKNOWN Female
Paul M. B. WILLIAMS Male
Lena Winfred WILLIAMS Female
Frances Eliza PICKLE Female
Charles R. PICKLE Male
Crawford W. PICKLE, II Male
Alma PICKLE Female
Murphey PICKLE, Jr. Male
Mary Edna PICKLE Female
Murphey PICKLE, Sr. Male
Mittie BRASHEAR Female
Eula PICKLE Female
Samuel Adolphus WALLING Male
Parham B. PICKLE Male
Julia Blanche PICKLE Female
Manford T MOEN Male
Bradford PICKLE Male
Olivia PARHAM Female
Willie Murphy PICKLE Male
Dolly HARCROW Female
Meada PICKLE Female
Vera PICKLE Female
Julia Olivia ROGERS Female
Thomas G. MICHAEL Male
Marie ROGERS Female
A. M. Hendrix Male
Elizabeth PICKLE Female
Homer ROGERS Male
William Elbert Murphey PICKLE Male
Julia Augusta DAVIS Female
C. R. GORE Male
Dora A GORE Female
Elizabeth GORE Female
Margaret Emely GORE Female
William Grady GORE Male
Annie PRESTON Female
Chesley Murphy GORE Male
Lura Mae MYERS Female
John Martin GORE Male
Donna Ann STEPHENSON Female
William Boyd STEPHENSON, Jr. Male
Norma Jean HOPKINS Female
Fran MCGRAW Female
Edna Harriet GORE Female
William Boyd STEPHENSON, Sr. Male
Charity Savannah PICKLE Female
Joshua Murphey GORE Male
Thomas Patterson FAULK, Jr. Male
Frances Lee FAULK Female
Michael Joseph FAULK Male
Sherry Louise FAULK Female
Valentine Stirman FAULK Male
Helen Louise MULLER Female
Florine E CRISP Female
Frances STIRMAN Female
Thomas Patterson FAULK, Sr. Male
Winfield Brown STIRMAN Male
Iva HENRY Female
Zade M UNKNOWN Female
Ida Lucinda PICKLE Female
Valentine Irvin STIRMAN Male
Luzelle PICKEL Female
Charles Marion BEARDEN Male
Mary Blanche BEARDEN Female
Nancy Elaine BEARDEN Female
Julia Diane BEARDEN Female
Hettie Corrine PICKLE Female
James Odis BEARDEN Male
Crawford Wilson PICKEL, Jr. Male
Charles Edward PICKLE Male
Patricia Ann UNKNOWN Female
Crawford Wilson PICKLE Male
Maggie Idela WELBORN Female
Eleanor Belle PICKEL Female
Delbert Leon PICKEL Male
Savannah Maide PICKEL Female
John Dean KINTER Male
Vivian Marie PICKEL Female
Cleo Leroy KNOX Male
Fred Marvin WOLTER Male
New chart
Herman Charles PICKEL Male
Edna Beatrice BAUGUESS Female
Paul Thomas KITZKE, Jr. Male
Karen Coleen WRIGHT Female
New chart
Glenda Kay KITZKE Female
James Lonnie HORN, Sr. Male
New chart
Dale Allen WINGATE Male
Charles John KITZKE Male
Marlene Kay COFFIN Female
New chart
Carol Joan Roth WERNER Female
Cecil Edward KITZKE Male
Monica Josephine UHRICK Female
Brenda THOMPSON Female
Lois Louise PICKEL Female
Paul Thomas KITZKE, Sr. Male
Cleora May PICKEL Female
Albert Bruce MCPHILLAMY Male
New chart
Infant Boy PICKEL Male
Carlos Albert PICKEL Male
Queenie Evelena IMAN Female
Sonya Louise PICKEL Female
Dennis Ruben GRAF Male
New chart
Mary Lynn PICKEL Female
Galen Jimmie MARBLE Male
New chart
Kevin Jo STONER Female
New chart
Wayne Eldon PICKEL Male
Shirley Darleen Anne BRONSON Female
Carolyn Ann PICKEL Female
Lewis William FINK Male
New chart
Donald Wayne PICKEL Male
Ardyce Marie SCHRINER Female
New chart
Johnnie SEWARD Female
Dale Eugene PICKEL Male
Tammy Lynn KINGSBURY Female
Jana UNKNOWN Female
New chart
Darrell Dean PICKEL Male
Shirley Mae DANIELS Female
New chart
Marva Elaine KUGLER Female
New chart
Darlene Marie PICKEL Female
Max Lynn MERRILL Male
New chart
Coy Elvin PICKEL Male
Dorothy Marie PATTEN Female
Daniel Elmer LIBBY Male
Helen Alice DEIBERT Female
New chart
Deanna Jean LIBBY Female
Larry David NEWBERRY Male
Imogene Pauline PICKEL Female
Charles Randall LIBBY Male
Ronald Duane PICKEL Male
Cynthia Ann VAN METER Female
New chart
Brenda Sue PICKEL Female
Johnny Ray GARMAN Male
New chart
Dennis E STEWART Male
Kaylene Marie PICKEL Female
Randy Darin MINNICK Male
New chart
Edward Culhun PICKEL, Jr. Male
Phyllis Ilene PATTEN Female
Lola Mae KLINE Female
Grace Maxine PICKEL Female
Kenneth SHOCKLEY Male
Ida Elva PICKEL Female
Edward Culhun PICKEL Male
Mary Jane GEBERS Female
Sallie Savannah PICKEL Female
Benjamin William ROGERS Male
Saundra SEWELL Female
Phyllis Elva PICKEL Female
Temple SEWELL Male
Sharon BARKER Female
Unknown STUBBS Male
New chart
R. M. BARKER, Jr. Male
Verna Del PICKEL Female
R. M. BARKER, Sr. Male
Shirley Naiomi PICKEL Female
Una Tine PICKEL Male
Loula SANFORD Female
Margaret Caraline YEAMENS Female
Shirley PICKELL Female
Les KILTZ Male
Charles Grady PICKELL Male
Louise UNKNOWN Female
Michael Patrick DUDLEY Male
Katie Marie DUDLEY Female
Donna Marie DUDLEY Female
Eleanor Ann PRICE Female
Arthur Wallace DUDLEY Male
Andrew Price PAWLAK Male
Unnamed daughter PAWLAK Female
Andrew Lee PAWLAK Male
Byron BURRIS Male
Hughie Harold PICKEL Male
Mary Agnes UNKNOWN Female
Paul Pendleton PICKEL Male
Frances VOSS Female
Lois Elizabeth PICKEL Female
Hughie Homer WHITE Male
Mikael Charles WALKER, Jr. Male
Elva Jane WHITE Female
Mikeal Charles WALKER Male
Elva Eleanor PICKEL Female
Walter WHITE Male
Charles Obie PICKEL Male
Eleanor Harriett WELBORN Female
Crawford Wilson PICKLE Male
Elizabeth MURPHEY Female
William Murphey PICKLE Male
Mary Tallulah WADDILL Female
William Thomas PICKLE Male
Mary Della PICKLE Female
Thelma C PICKLE Female
Alma R. PICKLE Female
Katherine W PICKLE Female
Chesley Benjamin PICKLE Male
Della DUNKLIN Female
Mary Adaline PICKLE Female
Infant Son PICKLE Male
Vera PICKLE Female
Velma PICKLE Female
Verna PICKLE Female
Leora PICKLE Female
Herman William PICKLE Male
Aaron PICKLE Male
Shirley Jean PICKLE Female
Cecil C. PICKLE Male
Margaritte F. NIX Female
Unnamed PICKLE Male
Elbert Walter PICKLE Male
Lelia Virginia SANDERFORD Female
Florence Lillian PICKLE Female
Homer C PICKLE Male
Claude G. PICKLE Male
Georgia Ann TUBB Female
Infant son PICKLE Male
Willie Maggie PICKLE Female
Margaret Sophronia MORRIS Female
Gilford Elisha MATHIS Male
Ola May MATHIS Female
Evelyn Charity MATHIS Female
White INMAN Male
Grady Angel RICHARDSON Male
Eva Ozell RICHARDSON Female
Clifford Ralph JEFFCOAT Male
New chart
Wanda Louise RICHARDSON Female
Iva Lois MATHIS Female
Robert M. DILLARD Male
Eula Lee MATHIS Female
Homer Henry MATHIS Male