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John HOLLAND, Rev Soldier

Male 1766 - 1842  (76 years)

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New chart
John HOLLAND, Rev Soldier Male
Christina ROBINSON Female
Anderson HOLLAND Male
Eliza RONER Female
Bettie CHERRY Female
Willie CHERRY Female
Jimmy CHERRY Male
Mollie CHERRY Female
Katie CHERRY Female
Charlie CHERRY Male
Laura CHERRY Female
Jarrett W CHERRY Male
Mollie UNKNOWN Female
Harvey ANDERSON Male
Edward ANDERSON Male
Maggie ANDERSON Female
Ezekiel ANDERSON Male
Susan CHERRY Female
Unknown ANDERSON Male
Margaret CHERRY Female
Ernest E. CHERRY Male
Wilburn B CHERRY Male
Frank CHERRY Male
Katy CHERRY Female
John H CHERRY Male
Annaly UNKNOWN Female
Martha C CHERRY Female
Ezekiel CHERRY Male
Martha UNKNOWN Female
William CHERRY Male
Charles CHERRY Male
Emma L CHERRY Female
Mary UNKNOWN Female
Joshua CHERRY Male
Charlotte CHERRY Female
Susan CHERRY Female
Cathy CHERRY Female
Sarah HOLLAND Female
Jared W. CHERRY Male
Marcus D. DARNELL Male
William Henry DARNELL Male
Lula DARNELL Female
Elizabeth DARNELL Female
Orisson DARNELL Male
Mildred DARNELL Female
William H DARNELL Male
Jeanette UNKNOWN Female
Elizabeth HOLLAND Female
Thomas DARNELL Male
Henry CHERRY Male
Sarah J HOLLAND Female
Carrie HOLLAND Female
Thomas Taylor HOLLAND Male
Laura Caroline CALAHAN Female
William Cass HOLLAND Male
Archibald Davis HOLLAND Male
Frances E. HOLLAND Female
Twin BROWN Male
Willie BROWN Female
Betty Ruth HOLLAND Female
Eunice STAFFORD Female
Welborn Elisha HOLLAND Male
Broadus Ory BAILEY Male
Unknown COLLINS Male
Gladys STAFFORD Female
Richard OLDHAM Male
Georgia Carol MONK Female
Gustavo Antonio OLIVARES Male
New chart
Wanda Lou STAFFORD Female
William Eugene MONK Male
James William STAFFORD Male
Mamie Elizabeth LEGARD Female
Leonard Weldon STAFFORD Male
Martha Nell STAFFORD Female
Delos Freeman STAFFORD Male
Lexie SPARKS Female
Donald Freeman STAFFORD Male
Edra ANDERSON Female
Corley Ann STAFFORD Female
Linda Kay STAFFORD Female
Lena Leona CORLEY Female
Lenna Juanita STAFFORD Female
Lois Maurene STAFFORD Female
Elton Lee BRANCH Male
John Winnifrith STAFFORD Male
Evan Thomas STAFFORD Male
Stephen Thomas STAFFORD Male
Tamara Lynn SHURE Female
Timothy Paul STAFFORD Male
George Hoyt STAFFORD Male
Dame Joan Boniface WINNIFRITH Female
Robert Glenn STAFFORD Male
Bobbie Irene BOGART Female
Lenna Ann BROWN Female
George Leonard STAFFORD Male
Marshall Davis BROWN Male
Tamera Dee BROWN Female
Harold Deney BROWN Male
Jamie B. PEED Female
Dr. Marshall Davis BROWN Male
Lucille Fanny KRAUTER Female
Marshall Davis BROWN, Sr. Male
Aurilla Lee BEAMS Female
Phyllis Anne BROWN Female
Archie Maurice BROWN Male
Sarah Odell ELLIOTT Female
Billie Sue BROWN Female
Archie Davis BROWN Male
Charity A. SCARBOROUGH Female
Robert Michael PICKEL Male
Douglas Edwin WATKINS Female
Randel Bartlett PICKEL Male
Robert Hugh PICKEL, Jr. Male
Theretta Lena BARTLETT Female
Molly Beatrice PICKEL Female
James D TURNER Male
Lisa Marie RUSSELL Female
Paula Renee RUSSELL Female
John Robert RUSSELL Male
Dena UNKNOWN Female
James Robert RUSSELL Male
Betty Ann BARRETT Female
Dr. Christopher Thomas RUSSELL Male
Chrissann UNKNOWN Female
Rolanda Kay RUDISAILE Female
James Mifflin RUSSELL Male
Mary Ethel BROWN Female
Robert Hugh PICKLE, Sr. Male
Jo Ann PICKLE Female
Billy Joe MEEKS Male
Brenda Kay PICKLE Female
Freddie D NIPPER Male
Clabern Robert PICKLE Male
Lura Beatrice COUCH Female
Barbara Gaye PICKLE Female
Floyd Edwin PICKLE Male
Dardanella WILLIAMS Female
Linda Darnell PICKLE Female
Daniel Wilson BROYLES Male
Regina Dawn INGRAM Female
Randy Lloyd GRANT Male
New chart
Polly PICKLE Female
William Jesse INGRAM Male
Holland Rogers PICKLE Male
Iris Inez SMITH Female
Hollie Lynn PICKLE Female
Holland Rogers PICKLE, Jr. Male
Cathy Lynn MORGAN Female
Charles Ahearn PICKLE Male
Barbara Ann STEADMAN Female
Charlotte Amanda MCCALL Female
Nancy CRECELIUS Female
Eddie Gene MCCALL Male
Kelly Wayne CRECELIUS Male
Georgia L ROATH Female
Kelvin Brian CRECELIUS Male
Lynda Louise PYEATT Female
Tim Roland CRECELIUS Male
Nelda Louise DONEHOO Female
Charlotte Hazel PICKLE Female
Turner Ralph CRECELIUS Male
Carol Sue PICKLE Female
Casius Clarence PICKLE Male
Dorothy THOMAS Female
Liesil E. IOSINSKY Female
Josephine D BRAZZEL Female
Lawrence Chesley PICKLE Male
Blanche Elizabeth BOWMAN Female
Mary Bob PICKLE Female
Pvt. Clifford R. MCWHORTER Male
Devoin E. GARRISON Male
Jimmy Nell BEARDEN Female
Norma Ruth BEARDEN Female
Joyce Elaine BEARDEN Female
Peggy Louise BEARDEN Female
Cozette BEARDEN Female
Jimmy Robert BEARDEN Male
Mary L LEHR Female
Betty Jane PICKLE Female
Jimmy Robert BEARDEN Male
Margarett Ann PICKLE Female
Infant son PICKLE Male
Roy Glenn EGGLESTON Male
Betty J. WATTS Female
Barbara J DICKERSON Female
Rodney Lynn EGGLESTON Male
Mallory Alise GARCIA Female
Rhonda Gail EGGLESTON Female
Henry Renosa GARCIA, III Male
Mildred Louise PICKLE Female
Lincoln EGGLESTON Male
Kathleen Erin PICKLE Female
Laurie Kate PICKLE Female
Howard Lain PICKLE Male
Billie J SPIVEY Female
Mary Kathryn MAYS Female
Charlotte Annie BROWN Female
Floyd Bristow PICKLE Male
JoAnne FRENCH Female
Sherwin William FRENCH Male
Mary Louise UNKNOWN Female
Martha Wilma FRENCH Female
Mary Imogene FRENCH Female
George Evans FRENCH Male
Frances Lee FRENCH Female
Martha BROWN Female
Prince Albert FRENCH Male
Doris BROWN Female
Hoyt P. BROWN Male
Erasmus Columbus BROWN Male
Adelia LIVELY Female
Billie Jean BRYANT Female
Marvin Wayne BRYANT Male
Sharon Lynn BRYANT Female
Genevieve Maxine BROWN Female
Billy Joe BRYANT Male
Clinton BROWN Male
Linda Yvonne MAYO Female
Ronald Gene YOUNG Male
Cathy Elizabeth MAYO Female
Betty Elizabeth BROWN Female
Donald Kenneth MAYO Male
Bufford Clinton BROWN Male
Ada Lena CARR Female
Rodger A MINOR Male
Iris Elthea BARNHART Female
Herbert R. MINOR Male
Ottis Rae BARNHART Female
Mildred Adalyne BARNHART Female
Richard Allen NAUBERT Male
William Irvin BARNHART Male
Myrtle Elvina BENSON Female
Eva BROWN Female
John Irvin BARNHART Male
Roland Malcom TILLISON Male
Lou Ann DAVIS Female
Mary Lou BROWN Female
Clarence Abba TILLISON Male
James Thomas BROWN Male
Helen Ruth SMITH Female
Thomas Bryan BROWN Male
Susan C. KALE Female
Billy Prince BROWN Male
Bobby Holland BROWN Male
Ruby Fay CRUM Female
Heather Ann HENDERSON Female
Haley Dawn HENDERSON Female
Heath Paul HENDERSON Male
Debbie Lynn GAINES Female
James Taylor HENDERSON Male
Douglas Wayne LINK Male
Kelly Kathleen LINK Female
Corey Blake WICKE Male
Ricci Lee LARA Male
New chart
Kathy Nell GAINES Female
Daniel Wayne LINK Male
Jackie Nell BROWN Female
Hensley Ralph GAINES, Jr. Male
Jack Holland BROWN Male
Gertrude Lillian PICKLE Female
Mary Ann ("Molly") HOLLAND Female
William Monroe BROWN Male
Bluford Caldwell HOLLAND Male
Charlotte Ann DAVIS Female
John Thompson HOLLAND Male
Mary F HOLLAND Female
Cornelia A HOLLAND Female
Emily J. HOLLAND Female
John C. HOLLAND Male
T. A. HOLLAND Female
Ida F HOLLAND Female
Cleveland Columbus HOLLAND Male
Lucy HOLLAND Female
Mayron Hutson HOLLAND Male
Estelle F UNKNOWN Female
Sanford HOLLAND Male
Delmos HOLLAND Female
Thomas E HOLLAND Male
Salanna UNKNOWN Female
Carter HOLLAND Male
Nancy T HOLLAND Female
Bluford C. HOLLAND Male
Nancy Jane SIMMONS Female
James E HOLLAND Male
Francis Marion HOLLAND Male
Tabitha RIGGINS Female
Elizabeth A HOLLAND Female
Emerina HOLLAND Female
Clementine HOLLAND Female
Ricenia HOLLAND Female
William Carl HOLLAND Male
Sarah T. BUTCHER Female
Dulcenia HOLLAND Female
Nellie HOLLAND Female
Oscar HOLLAND Male
Bryon HOLLAND Male
Warren W HOLLAND Male
Marion W. HOLLAND Male
Ruby K COSART Female
Houston Fillmore HOLLAND Male
Emma Levine KNIGHT Female
Lillian HOLLAND Female
Nannie S UNKNOWN Female
Rosetta G. HOLLAND Female
Ruby HOLLAND Female
Clarence HOLLAND Male
Nettie M HOLLAND Female
Horace HOLLAND Male
Charles HOLLAND Male
Raymond HOLLAND Male
Bertha V HOLLAND Female
Dudley B HOLLAND Male
Emily C. WATERS Female
Vincent F. HOLLAND Male
Lydia A UNKNOWN Female
Dulcinea Ann HOLLAND Female
James William AVRIETT Male
Dickerson AVRIETT Female
James AVRIETT Male
Anna MITCHAM Female
Willie AVRIETT Male
Lt. James AVRIETT Male
Thomas Anderson HOLLAND Male
Elizabeth Ann RAINER Female
Elizabeth CHERRY Female
Edmund HOLLAND Male
Elizabeth Jane COLLIER Female
Cora LACY Female
Reuben LACY Male
Lucy LACY Female
Brook LACY Male
John Thomas LACY Male
Ellen UNKNOWN Female
William Holland LACY Male
Mary LACY Female
Amanda LACY Female
Eli LACY Male
Sidney LACY Male
Pernecy HOLLAND Female
Benjamin Burton LACY Male
Eli Davis HOLLAND Male
Annie UNKNOWN Female
Sarah HOLLAND Female
Brooks Davis HOLLAND Male
Cynthia UNKNOWN Female
Sarah or Ellen HOLLAND Female
Mary HOLLAND Female
Hamill HOLLAND Male
Emma HOLLAND Female
Nellie M. HOLLAND Female
Ellen or Eva HOLLAND Female
Cynthia Jane ANDERSON Female
Thomas HOLLAND Male
Margaret LACY Female
Clements LACY Male
John LACY Male
Sallie LACY Female
Mattie LACY Female
Avarella HOLLAND Female
Jonathan B LACY Male
Sarah Elizabeth HOLLAND Female
William HOLLAND Male
Sarah LACY Female
Turnie? LACY Female
F. Edna LACY Female
Hattie LACY Female
P. W. ? LACY Male
Jessie B. KELLY Female
Jewell C. KELLY Male
Will C. KELLY Male
Unknown KELLY Female
Pauline KELLY Female
Anna W LACY Female
Walter KELLY Male
Jessie B LACY Male
Amanda L. HOLLAND Female
P. H. LACY Male
Pinkney H. HOLLAND Male
Willie UNKNOWN Female
William C. HOLLAND Male
Sarah DAVIS Female
Susan HOLLAND Female
Henry J DARNELL Male
Herbert Lee DOZIER Male
Ward Leon DOZIER Male
Robert Henry DOZIER, Jr. Male
Robert H DOZIER Male
Callie Delida LOCHABY Female
Leroy W. DOZIER Male
Audrey E. DOZIER Female
Miriam E DOZIER Female
Priscilla S. DOZIER Female
Thomas B. DOZIER Male
Sallie B. UNKNOWN Female
Fannie L. DOZIER Female
Avarilla DOZIER Female
Ward DOZIER, Jr. Male
Carl DOZIER Male
Julia E UNKNOWN Female
Evelyn M JONES Female
Ward A. JONES Male
Bettie Anne JONES Female
Ella Davis DOZIER Female
John Preston JONES Male
Ella Frances NANCE Female
William Ward Allen DOZIER Male
Avarilla R DAVIS Female
William Thomas NANCE Male
William DAVIS Male
Brook ROGERS Male
Samuel ROGERS Male
Nellie ROGERS Female
W. J. ROGERS, Jr. Male
Pernice D. ROGERS Female
Thomas ROGERS Male
Austin Davis ROGERS Male
Fannie H. ROGERS Female
John F. ROGERS Male
S. M. ROGERS Female
Sarah DAVIS Female
Martha J. DAVIS Female
Elizabeth DAVIS Female
Austin DAVIS Male
Tabitha DAVIS Female
William G. HARVEY Male
Frank HARVEY Male
William B HARVEY Male
Lula Viola UNKNOWN Female
Frances A DAVIS Female
Robert J HARVEY Male
Bluford H DAVIS Male
Pernecy HOLLAND Female
Brooks Hall DAVIS, Jr. Male
William A. HOLLAND Male
Amanda DAVIS Female
Mabelle DAVIS Female
John P DAVIS Male
Delma DAVIS Female
Herschel DAVIS Male
Eldred DAVIS Male
Ferrell DAVIS Male
Ford DAVIS Male
Robert Hughes DAVIS Male
Bobbie George ROBERSON Female
Edna E DAVIS Female
Everett DAVIS Male
Lucille DAVIS Female
Madaline DAVIS Female
Eva John DAVIS Female
Brooks DAVIS Male
Hattie UNKNOWN Female
Bama AVANT Female
Sarah Ann Jane CLARK Female
Iva Nell AVANT Female
Harold Clyde CLARK Male
Daisy Deen DAVIS Female
Millard Seals AVANT Male
Frank J DAVIS Male
Everett DAVIS Male
Carrie DAVIS Female
John Lee DAVIS Male
Margaret Jane HUGHES Female
Mary DAVIS Female
Stella DAVIS Female
Jefferson C. DAVIS Male
Carrie P PRITCHET Female
Leinan DAVIS Female
Octavia DAVIS Female
Thomas Aulston HARRIS Male
Cubit Alonzo WYLIE Male
William E WYLIE Male
Clifford L. WILLIAMS Male
Barbara Gaye PICKLE Female
Dardanella WILLIAMS Female
Floyd Edwin PICKLE Male
Jim Wells WILLIAMS Male
Maggie Mary WYLIE Female
John Wesley WILLIAMS Male
Jeff WYLIE Male
Lula M WYLIE Female
Lou Dorcas DAVIS Female
Alonzo Lafayette WYLIE Male
Fannie DAVIS Female
Edwin DAVIS Male
Laura DAVIS Female
Archibald Mallard DAVIS Male
Sarah Jane CHANDLER Female
Sarah C DAVIS Female
Dorcus DAVIS Female
Sarah DAVIS Female
Serena DAVIS Female
Gertrude DAVIS Female
Elizabeth DAVIS Female
Eustacia? DAVIS Female
Whilcoate? DAVIS Male
William C. DAVIS Male
Sophronia UNKNOWN Female
Elizabeth DAVIS Female
Celestine DAVIS Female
Lucy DAVIS Female
Asbury M. DAVIS Male
Elizabeth UNKNOWN Female
Margaret A DAVIS Female
Captain Williamson Tomlin EUSTACE Male
Martha E DAVIS Female
Dorcas HOLLAND Female
John Lee DAVIS Male
Avarilla HOLLAND Female
John F HADEN Male
William Thomas NANCE Male
Jane ANDERSON Female

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