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Texas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMER, Rose Hope   I12416
2 ARNOLD, Frank James III  18 Feb 1951Texas, United States I12017
3 BARTLETT, Everett  Abt 1908Texas, United States I11994
4 BIRDWELL, Henry Clifton  5 Dec 1901Texas, United States I5689
5 BRITAIN, Edgar E.  Abt 1867Texas, United States I12005
6 CHAMPION, Chester   I12475
7 CHAMPION, Christine   I12473
8 CHAMPION, Curtis Ray  17 May 1900Texas, United States I12484
9 CHAMPION, Grace  6 Dec 1901Texas, United States I12470
10 CHAMPION, Lester  Abt 1908Texas, United States I12474
11 CHAMPION, Raymond  Abt 1902Texas, United States I12483
12 CHAMPION, Uriah Michell  27 Oct 1870Texas, United States I12469
13 CRUM, Berry Ruth   I12907
14 CRUM, Clifton B.   I12906
15 EVILIN, Zora C.  1897Texas, United States I12706
16 GREEN, Ada B  1881Texas, United States I12890
17 HARDIN, Eunice  Abt 1895Texas, United States I820
18 HORNBUCKLE, Alice  Abt 1858Texas, United States I12465
19 HORNBUCKLE, Amanda  Abt 1854Texas, United States I12464
20 KERBO, Molly E  17 Apr 1886Texas, United States I12804
21 LEWIS, John Frederick  12 Sep 1895Texas, United States I5409
22 LEWIS, Lula Emma  3 Oct 1896Texas, United States I11861
23 LIVELY, Charles   I12380
24 LIVELY, Cornelia  14 Nov 1923Texas, United States I12379
25 LIVELY, Marshall  17 Jun 1888Texas, United States I12391
26 LOUGHRIDGE, Calvin D  Abt 1906Texas, United States I12360
27 LUTON, Johnnie  15 Oct 1884Texas, United States I11862
28 MARTIN, Cora A.  Abt 1874Texas, United States I12750
29 MARTIN, George  Abt 1857Texas, United States I12743
30 MARTIN, Georgia  Abt 1879Texas, United States I12752
31 MARTIN, John W  Abt 1863Texas, United States I12749
32 MARTIN, Lee  Abt 1865Texas, United States I12746
33 MARTIN, Mary  Abt 1861Texas, United States I12744
34 MARTIN, Ora Q  Abt 1877Texas, United States I12751
35 MARTIN, Parilee E.  Nov 1869Texas, United States I12748
36 MARTIN, Sarah M.  Abt 1853Texas, United States I12742
37 MARTIN, Simeon  Abt 1867Texas, United States I12747
38 MARTIN, William  Abt 1864Texas, United States I12745
39 MAYO, Jesse Hullan  17 Apr 1919Texas, United States I12516
40 MCKNIGHT, George Washington  2 Dec 1870Texas, United States I12468
41 MIZZELL, Mary Alice  1858Texas, United States I12453
42 MIZZELL, Sarah Jane  19 Apr 1860Texas, United States I12447
43 MOORE, Wanda Lee   I12336
44 MOREHEAD, Allie Armentha  Abt 1894Texas, United States I12392
45 MURRELL, Clark Jr.  20 Sep 1896Texas, United States I12355
46 PARNELL, Amazon Gertrude  Abt 1857Texas, United States I12439
47 PARNELL, Emily  Abt 1855Texas, United States I12438
48 PARNELL, Ernest Lafayette Jr.  27 Sep 1906Texas, United States I12404
49 PARNELL, Julia  Abt 1859Texas, United States I12440
50 PARNELL, Marguerite  29 Sep 1909Texas, United States I12403

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LOUGHRIDGE, Julia Virginia  20 Jul 1990Texas, United States I12353
2 MCKNIGHT, George Washington  29 May 1914Texas, United States I12468
3 PARNELL, Marshall D.  17 May 1948Texas, United States I12441
4 PINE, Ralph Dyer  30 Apr 2009Texas, United States I12381


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Bobby Holland  8 Feb 1951Texas, United States I850
2 BROWN, Thomas Edward  1 Aug 1935Texas, United States I821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDREW, Alma  Abt 1911Texas, United States I12902


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRITAIN / CAUDLE  Abt 1890Texas, United States F3586
2 BRYANT / BROWN  Abt 1956Texas, United States F3701
4 CRUM / ANDREW  Abt 1930Texas, United States F3895
5 FULLERTON / EVANS  1943Texas, United States F3855
6 FULLERTON / KERBO  20 Oct 1905Texas, United States F3854
7 FUNDERBURK / THOMPSON  Abt 1876Texas, United States F3886
8 KILLEBREW / STERNENBERG  30 Jul 1955Texas, United States F3727
9 LOUGHRIDGE / MARTIN  Bef 1860Texas, United States F3705
10 LOUGHRIDGE / MITCHELL  Abt 1896Texas, United States F3702
11 LOUGHRIDGE / SCOTT  Bef 5 Apr 1930Texas, United States F3706
12 MARTIN / UNKNOWN  1900Texas, United States F3827
13 PARNELL / UNKNOWN  Bef 1930Texas, United States F3722
14 PICKLE / WAGLEY   F3825
15 RODGERS / CHAMPION  Abt 1926Texas, United States F3746


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 

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