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The purpose of this site is to provide access to information about as many of my ancestors as possible, to encourage participation from cousins and to increase all of our understanding about the people who came before us.

It is initially focused on the following families: Pickel or Pickle, Bartlett, Broyles, Brown, Ingram and Holland, who came from South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi to Texas prior to the American Civil War, and in some cases, when Texas was still a part of Mexico.

New feature: Blog and Current Photos!

Some family members have sent photos of contemporary events involving themselves and their families. While not always appropriate to add them to the actual genealogy data, there was no place to put them for everyone to enjoy.

With the launch of this “blog” associated with GreenPickup, I hope we now have a place to describe current family activities and share photos. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions… So hop in the back of the pickup and let’s go!

Primary surnames on this website include:

Pickel/Pickle, Bartlett, Broyles, Brown, Ingram, Holland

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