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Some family members have sent photos of contemporary events involving themselves and their families.  While not always appropriate to add them to the actual genealogy data, there was no place to put them for everyone to enjoy.

With the launch of this “blog” associated with GreenPickup, I hope we now have a place to describe current family activities and share photos.  Let me know your thoughts and suggestions… So hop in the back of the pickup and let’s go!

One last word, postings are arranged by the following eight categories and “unclassified”.  You may select one of the following to read what has been posted under this family name:

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  1. My first visit is on May 26, 2017. Michael sent me the website address and I am looking forward to perusing it. Obadiah Pickle is the youngest son of William Pickel and I am one of the Texas descendants. Obadiah, his son William, and Williams son Malcolm, who is my grandfather are all buried in Tyler, Texas. My father Harold E. Pickel is buried in Palestine, Texas (Anderson Co.). Lots of Pickel (Pickle) cousins there but we didn’t have family picnics, etc. and many were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins. In fact Polly Pickle (Palestine), from a different brother of Obadiah, looks more like my grandfather than I do. Genes have a funny way of expressing themselves don’t they!! Well enough said at this point. My grandfather spelled his name Pickle but census changed my father’s name spelling so that is why we are named Pickel and not Pickle. I tell people if your name is Pickle or Pickel we are all out of the same jar. My joke for the day. Be well and prosper.

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